Saturday, 4 August 2012

Picking the Plastic!

As we all know, plastic is a non-bio degradable substance, that is substances made of plastic cannot be reduced to simpler components. In layman words, plastic is the "phlegm of the earth". Just as we struggle when we have a cold, plastic acts as a congestion for the earth. Rainwater cannot seep through, which is essential for the soil, plants, trees. Thereby it affects the environment drastically. I usually talk about the environment and the dangers humans cause, but haven't done anything to save it. But today I got the opportunity to help. Recently I joined in "Enviro Club" in my college. Many first years, about 250 to 300 students joined it.

The first activity was the 'Campus Cleanup' programme. All the members were asked to come early in the morning 6.00. Due to the previous day's rains, the weather was cool and pleasant for the month of august. But the seniors came late and we were made to wait for 45 minutes. As time passed, the other students started to appear and I was grumbling about the seniors to my friends.Finally when they arrived, they asked us to break into groups of four to six people, go around the campus and collect plastic bottles, covers etc., anything which is made of plastic.

Normally, I don't like to do these kind of things. So we set off to work, working our way around the campus, squinting the area for any plastic substances.We were a group of four.

Actually I was surprised by the amount of plastic in the campus, it was too much for the eye. We gradually picked up the plastic that we came across. As it had rained the previous day, the ground was still wet and there was water on the plastic. Then I began to imagine the effects I had said in the first line!!....It was true!
Just imagine, the whole soil covered with plastic. I could relate to it easily. I grabbed all the plastic bottles, cups, small and big covers, sachets etc that I could find and put it into a basket. But I must say, it was impossible to clean everything as plastic was in every nook and corner. And I am talking about only a part of the campus. Now imagine the whole city of chennai and then the world. OMG!... Then I thought about the garbage pickers. They do the same work everyday throughout the year. I thought of it as a 'small' job. But believe me, if it weren't for them, the world would be firstly a stinking place and secondly it would lead to pollution. Already my city is home to the notorious "COOUM" which consists of not only plastic but also different kinds of wastes including "ours"(:P). When I travel by train, I know that I am going to arrive at Guindy station when I smell the familiar putrid hydrogen sulphide of the cooum which passes between Saidapet and Guindy.(:P). If that is one problem we have not been able to solve all these years, "DO WE REALLY WANT ANOTHER PROBLEM?". Ask this question to yourself and you will start by doing small things, like segregating the plastic in your house.

We arrived back at the club after about 2 hrs with large amounts of plastic in four baskets and cardboard boxes. It seemed that many of the other people had gathered far less than our group as they were pointing at us and laughing as we were approaching the club office. As you can see above, that is a picture of all the plastics our club collected. To tell the truth, at the end of the activity, I was proud that I was able to do something for my college [:)]. 'I don't know about the other colleges, but I think such initiatives should be brought up and create awareness to the people'. 


  1. Yep sure!! That is a very good message delivered!!! Often people who go to abroad and come back always complain about India and its pollution. But there are very less people who take it very seriously and take initiatives. Still many do know the seriousness but still are not coming out to make some effort!!

  2. Good Job ! Akash !

  3. @ annonymous : sorry for the late reply!...Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

  4. Its true! not just the soil, we now have advanced problems - animals and birds, even fishes swallow these plastics and they die the most horrific death. It's so disheartening to see how plastic-addicted we have become !
    A good write :)

    Keep Smiling


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