Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What a Pain!

Life is a bed of roses and thorns. This is a saying which I like because it expresses the meaning of life in just one, easy line. Roses signify the good things and the thorns signify the bad things that happen in your life. Life is balanced with the good and bad things. It will not be good if either one is more. If one's life is filled with just happiness and with no pain, then there won't be any challenge or say...... a 'kick'. Life is all about challenges, isn't it?  In this article, I am going to talk about the different painful things that we experience both emotionally and physically. Pain is a feeling which cannot be expressed in words. Its degree can only be known by that person who is experiencing the pain. Anybody can sympathize with one person but only those people who have undergone the same situation can empathize with that person. All of us would have surely experienced physical pain far more than emotional pain which comes in once in a while. But, according to me, emotional pain is more devastating than physical pain. It may not kill a person, but does everything apart from that, and in some cases it 'does' lead to death. 

Emotional pain can range from mild issues such as failing in an exam, love failures to extreme issues such as 'forbidden/high' bullying by people in educational institutes (a.k.a ragging) which can lead to suicides, rapes, losing of beloved ones in tragic incidents. All these have one thing is common, that is, depression. Other symptoms are abnormal behavior, not-able-to-talk (stammering), can't eat or sleep for long hours due to the traumatic experience they underwent. It is very difficult to erase the memories from the affected people. No counselling would help then. In my opinion, one thing would help, 'Will Power' of that person. If they have that, they can be back to their normal-selves in no time. Re-thinking of the incidents would only make the situation worse which could lead to coma for a lifetime.

Now let me tell about physical pain. Interestingly, all physical pains give trouble in their own way. I, for one, have experienced a lot of physical pain. However small or however unimportant the organ is, each has its own intensity. Whether it is a burn on the skin, a sinus headache, drippy nose, wheezy chest, back pain, rashes, fluid from the ear, a nerval (my own word) shock when joint of elbow hits a sharp corner, blow in the  groin, neck strain (suluku in tamil), boils anywhere in the skin (even in the mouth), pimples etc it is bound to give a hell of a pain for a while. I have had it all!

Most of us would have had the incident where, when the doctor/nurse is about to inject the needle into the baby's hips for a blood test, they would have told us to look into a funny picture or asked irritating and lame (I think) questions such as 'what is your name' etc; Readers, here, I would like to share a tip. Whenever a doctor gives an I.M (intra muscular injection), for god's sake 'do not' tighten it. If you do, then you cannot sit in a place without a pain in the ass! for 2-3 weeks (Pardon the language!). Still, hospitals are a nightmare for me. Anything that comes in needles, I hate it. 

Another incident that I have in mind is, one time when I was playing football in my school, (in football, usually I take the defendant's place) , there came an instance when I had to defend the goalpost, and BAM!, there was a collision and not a body-to-body collision. Mine and the opponent's teammate's legs collided. I felt an excrutiating pain. Quickly, when I removed my shoes and socks, I found that my toe's nail was partly peeled off and fresh blood was oozing out of it. It took almost a week for that toe nail to re-grow.

Readers, pain is a part of life. It cannot be avoided, it must be faced, it must be braved and we must move on with the next thing in our life. There are many beautiful things in this world to enjoy. 'There is no point in reminiscing/rethinking/lamenting about the bad things in our life. Enjoy your life to the core!'  

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