Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Sky Is Falling (Sidney Sheldon)

A CLASSIC SIDNEY THRILLER : I am a new person to Sidney Sheldon's world of drama,suspense,crime etc. Before I start, I would like to confess that I am usually a slow reader. Not that, I can't read fast, but I do not like to skip the teeny, tiny details that the author has painstakingly took days to write. Also, I would like to day that I am not going to rite a review for this, as in my opinion, it is unfair to review about anything, be it books, music, movies.,etc. Each person has their own tastes and interests. It is unfair to write a review on something. What I may find something uninteresting may be appealing to you. I am just going to give an insight in to this book and try to persuade you on why you should go for this book.

In the book, The Sky Is Falling , the story revolves around a young, beautiful news reporter Dana Evans (Almost every book Sheldon has written, has a female as the lead character. I don't know what is with that!) working at the WTN (Washington Television Network), Kemal, her adopted son (not kamal..:P) and Jeff Conors, also working in the same network, who get involved in a bloody, thrilling, crime thriller and spans across various countries in the world. Three main reasons why you should give this book a shot are: 

Firstly, the story is fast-paced like a action movie. 
Secondly, there are a helluva different characters in this story which makes it more intricate. 
Thirdly, there is a lot of irony which makes the story very exciting.

Whenever I read a book, sometimes I turn back a few pages to check some unseen details I may have overlooked. That is because I like to do my own detective work (:P). I like to deduce and find the villain of the story. But in this book, unfortunately for me, lucky for Sheldon, I could not find the antagonist of the story. Such is the suspense of the book, which keeps you gripped throughout. The language too is easy to follow and the picture easily gets into your mind. Sheldon's description of each place, be it a country or a restaurant or a mansion or an office, is fascinating and awesome. 'Hats off to Sheldon, wish he had lived a few more years so that he could have written a few more books'.

You won't close the book even for a small moment. It might even go to the extent of the cursing that person who interrupts you in the midst of your reading as was the case I experienced (:P).
Don't miss this book for the world.!!!

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