Saturday, 21 July 2012

My First Electric Train Xperience!

All these years, I have travelled in Chennai either by car or autos and sometimes by bus. But I have never travelled in an "electric" train, although I have seen one, which is usually packed with commuters hanging on the edges of the compartment doors. I used to think 'I must never travel in these things'. But as soon as I got admission to college in Nungambakkam which is quite far from my place, travelling by car/auto proved to be time-consuming and expensive. I had no other option, but the electric train.

I am not going to hide the fact, that at first, I was dreading the idea of going in an electric train. But it turned out to be thrilling. The electric train is the most economical, the least time consuming transport. I have to spend only a mere Rs 8/- a day, damn it.(:D). I know that I maybe the first to give such a reaction. Bet a lot of people would have tried the electric train. The only,only teeny tiny problem is the incredible crowd inside. Although that is not a problem as I am used to it now. The thing I like about electric train is the "INERTIA" when it comes in and goes out of a station and its fast pickup of speed. Plus, you see a lot of different, interesting people.

As usual , there are beggars in the train and outside on the railway station. It is a good business for them. The people in the temples might want to shift here...Just kidding. As a fact, I am sickened to see these beggars everyday. When I have any coins left, I do give them. One time, as I was waiting my turn to buy ticket, I saw this elderly man who was seated in a corner just near the line. I thought that was too far and decided not to give him anything. But when I got my turn, to my shock and surprise, he touched my feet with his fingers. Very very reluctantly, cursing myself, I ended up giving the change.

Another thing I found was, that blind beggars/nomads are surprisingly very intelligent in walking. It is like they have an eye and calculate their way amazingly. They know when to turn in the direction, where the door is, when a station comes.

Probably some of you might know this thing. One time as I was looking out I heard a man loudly announcing. When I turned, I saw that the man was selling something. He had a small instrument or something and a lemon in his hands. He pierced the instrument into the lemon and the next thing I know, he was pouring lemon juice into a glass. I was really amused. Some people were buying it. I thought of buying it but I knew my family. They would criticise. But it turned out I was wrong. As I recounted this incident to my mother, she kept saying," You could have bought it...".

I must say it is a great feeling to be holding my hand for support onto those handles in the trains, watching the other people, gazing at the buildings (looking at Dhoni's banner on the Ashok Leyland's office building) outside the train, listening to the resonating pickup sound, that the train makes, counting the in between stations etc; for the 12 minutes of my journey everyday.

The electric train is by far, the most awesomatic, adventurous, slightly arduous, but good arduous mode of transport. 'You move with the people, seeing the people, feeling (literally :|) the people.'


  1. the beggers must be fakin tat they r tat more ppl wil help them....ive seen sum beggars fakin bt nt enof 2 escape ma notice.....but i must say tat ur writin skills are really nice...u falter sumtimes wen u want to convey sumthin complex but othrwise ur gud enof!!!


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